10+ Selfie Fails That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

Selfies are perhaps the most timely and relevant trend online. Taking a picture of yourself definitely makes you feel good and would definitely boost your confidence especially if the shot is just so great. Some people would think that selfies are a narcissistic way of a person to express himself. However, many people would agree that it is not narcissism but a form of art. Trying to fit in a good angle and trying to choose a breathtaking background requires aesthetics.

But what if a person just took a selfie but never mind the background?

We call it a fail. Background in pictures are just as important as the main subject. You don’t wang to draw the attention of your viewers to the background just because it has something “extra”. You want them to focus on your beauty and confidence after taking a selfie. So the next time you would take one, learn a simple lesson from these people who forgot to check their background first before taking a snap. Let’s spectate them one by one and observe how they really failed.

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Source: boredpanda

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