A Group Of Ghost Hunters Ran For Their Lives After Seeing THIS

Let’s face the fact that these days, more and more people are trying to explore new things. Some are trying out different adventures while there are also some who are going for something that could leave them with goosebumps. Just like this group of ghost hunters who went out to search for a proof that ghosts exist.

It wasn’t indicated when and where the video was taken but it was pretty obvious that this group of men who seemed like ghost hunters, was searching for something.

In the viral 2-minute video that was posted on Facebook, a group of men was seen exploring what’s under this home. They walked and explored for a couple of minutes until they reached the part of the land that’s filled with grass.

After a few more seconds, before the video ended, the cameraman started running for his life, which prompted his friends to follow him!

As it turns out, at the near end of the video, the cameraman saw some sort of a ghost standing behind a tree. It was pretty horrifying, to think that they were the only ones in the location, searching for a proof that ghost does exist.

However, the thing is, when they finally saw the ghostly figure, they started running for their lives which left the netizens laughing!

As of this writing, the video had already been viewed 2.7-M times, garnering different comments from the netizens.

There were a few people who were also horrified, but of course, there are more people who laughed at them, claiming that they looked fearless at first but when the ghost appeared they left and vanished!

Posted by Viral Muafakat Johor on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Source: Facebook

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