After 24 Attempts And 22 Rejections, This Woman Finally Became A Flight Attendant!

We are often tested by the life challenges, obstacles, and rejections. Some of us gave up after failing repeatedly. The thing is, the moment you give up, you somehow put all your experiences and hardships to waste, and it’s not what this woman wanted! Although it took her years to become a flight attendant, she refused to give up, and instead, she learned from her mistakes and failure.

Imagine, after 24 attempts and 22 rejections from different airlines that she applied for, she finally became a flight attendant!

A lot of people are dreaming of becoming a flight attendant. Some say that it’s their dream job, while others claim that they wanted to travel the world while still earning money.

Unlike the other aspiring flight attendants, life wasn’t easy for Mary Clare. She failed her first attempt, her second, third, fourth, up to the 22nd, but still, she refused to give up.

According to her, for years after she graduated, she worked really hard to improve everything about her from her looks, skills, and weight, just so the airlines would finally accept her.

Also, she reached that point wherein she almost gave up and decided to work for a different company, for a different field. At that point, she kept on asking God if she still has to continue with her dreams. And again, she refused to give up.

Even after her 22nd rejection, Mary Clare chose to fight for her dream job and she didn’t fail herself for after 24 attempts and 22 rejections, she finally became a flight attendant.

She said: “After 24 attempts, 22 rejections twice at airline 1, eight times at airline 2, three times at airline 3, six times at airline 4, once at airline 5, and four times at Qatar Airways, it made me realize that God really made things so hard for me because He wanted me to improve my skills, my personality, my weight, to prove myself to the people around me, and to learn in LIFE as well.”

At the end of her story, she told everyone not to be afraid to fail for it will always be a part of your success.

“Don’t ever be afraid to fail, because it is always a part of the process of success. God will always guide you in every way. For my experience, I realized that God has a deep reason why I failed a lot of times before I landed my dream job as a flight attendant. He has prepared me for the Best Airline in the World!”

Source: Facebook | Viral4Real

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