Teen Who Was Bullied Because Of Her Eczema, Regains Her Confidence! Thanks To The $18 Cream!

A 13-year-old girl was badly bullied because of her eczema. The bullying was so bad that she ended up having a breakdown. However, her whole life has changed when she discovered something that cured her and made her happier than ever.

The teen who was identified as Alyssa Graham from Perth, once suffered from eczema, making her the subject of bullying. However, her skin now is at its best and she’s now being able to wear shorts for the first time in her life.

“The bullies would always come up to me and tease me and say things like “you’re so ugly with the skin on your legs”,” Alyssa told FEMAIL.

“It was really bad all the time and I would lose all my friends.”

Her mom, Elizabeth Graham then told in an exclusive interview with FEMAIL that her daughter cries every day because of her skin disease and there’s nothing more painful than seeing her child suffer.

“It was heartbreaking. She also had a lot of online bullying and a hate page was even created, which was eventually taken down,” she said.

All her life, Alyssa fought with eczema that covered her arms, legs, stomach, and even her neck.

Little did she know that she could still live a happy life, all thanks to the Australian-made eczema cream called Moogoo that helped in completely clearing up her condition in just a few months.

“It really affected my confidence, I didn’t want to go out at all and I was too afraid to show my skin,” she said.

“I would wear long sleeves, jumpers, tights or pants to cover it, no matter the season.”

Every time summer hits, the heat just makes her condition even worse, leaving her having a hard time to breathe.

The worst part is when the bullying became worse that she ended up missing school for weeks, forcing her parents to send her to New Zealand to stay with a family for two months.

The teen also told FEMAIL that the bullying started when she was in year two or three and people noticed that her skin’s different from their skin.

“She’s always been teased about her skin but it got worse in high school when she started year seven,” her mother said.

“As she got older it got worse and worse but when she moved to New Zealand she learned that high school isn’t your whole life and her whole attitude changed.”

Her family had already spent thousands and thousands of dollars for her treatments but nothing worked. Fortunately, she discovered the $18 product that changed her life.

“When I moved back from New Zealand we moved house and moved to a new school, which is also when I started using the cream,” Alyssa explained.

“When I moved to the other school I started wearing shorts for the first time because my skin was getting better and no one was commenting on my legs.

“It feels quite amazing because I can finally be myself and not hide anything, it’s the first time I’ve been able to be myself.”

She stated that the cream helped her so much especially in regaining her confidence.

“It’s helped me so much. I’m way more confident than I was way before and everything is so much better,” she shared.

Her mom, as expected, became the happiest woman on Earth after seeing her daughter feel confident again.

“She’s much more confident and it’s getting better and better all the time,’ Elizabeth said.

“It looks like the scars are going to completely disappear and the bullying has stopped.

“She sometimes gets awful messages from people at her old school but she just blocks them.”

Source: Dailymail

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