Coleen Garcia And Billy Crawford’s Prenup Shoot In Ethiopia Goes Viral

It was back in 2017 when Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford flew to Ethiopia to do a playful prenup shoot. According to the previous reports of ABS-CBN, they flew to Ethiopia for an Ethiopian-inspired shoot.

However, earlier this year, they took the internet by a storm after they revealed that they’ve chosen Thailand for their prenup shoot. A couple of months before their wedding Nice Print Photography posted a couple of photos taken from their shoot.

A lot of people truly loved their chemistry and the way they prepared for their wedding. But then again, the netizens were once again surprised when a couple of photos taken from Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia’s trip to Ethiopia were posted online.

A Facebook user named Nhoie Gurrobat posted a couple of photos of their prenup shoot along with the words: “Ipamumukha sayo ng prenup na to na sa damuhan lang kayo ng nagpagulong gulong ng asawa mo nung shinoot yung prenup nyo..”

The photos showed how Coleen and Billy looked perfect in their prenup shoot. The photos were stunning and people can’t help but admire their Ethiopian-inspired prenup photos!

Although a lot of people saw something different in their photos like racism and slavery, there were some people who were quick to defend the couple, claiming that no local was harmed when the shoot was done and that it doesn’t really show discrimination.

Source: Facebook

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