Bela Padilla And It’s Showtime’s Ate Girl Are Fighting Over Vice Ganda’s Heart

Recently, people are calling the attention of the management of It’s Showtime, asking them if they could have Bela Padilla as one of the mainstays of It’s Showtime! This was after Bela Padilla and Ate Girl fought over Vice Ganda’s heart.

Ever since Bela had returned as a guest host on Wednesday, she had been trying to lure Vice Ganda away from It’s Showtime’s Ate Girl who once had a kilig-filled moment with Vice Ganda during Miss Q&A.

For the past few months, People loved the unforced chemistry between Vice Ganda and Ate Girl, however, not everything lasts forever and it seems that Bela Padilla came to end whatever it is that’s going on between Vice and Ate Girl.

Bela Padilla has been trying her best to get rid of Ate Girl, Jackque Gonzaga. In fact, Bela even took her job in handing out questions to the contestants of Miss Q&A. Apart from that, Bela also wrote love poems for Vice Ganda.

But then, Ate Girl simply doesn’t want to stay away from Vice Ganda and on the Friday episode of It’s Showtime, Ate Girl strikes back as she imitated Bela Padilla’s outfit! Yes, she wore the same clothes as Bela Padilla!

“Hindi mo kinakailangan gawin iyan,” Vice Ganda, who has been acting as a man for the skit, told Ate Girl. “Hindi mo kailangan ikompara iyong sarili mo kay Bela.”

“Si Bela ito oh,” he clarified, pointing to his brain. “Ikaw ito,” He said as he made a gesture on his heart.

Their unique love story and love triangle have been everyone’s favorite. In fact, their videos on YouTube had been gaining hundreds of thousands of views!

Source: ABS-CBN

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