Pregnant Woman Shares Her Heartbreaking Experience In The Hands Of Her Abusive Live-in Partner

We all know for a fact that these days, more and more people are sending confessions through social media sites. People who think that they don’t have someone to talk to, end up posting confessions online. Just like what this pregnant woman did when she sought help from the netizens because of her abusive live-in partner.

On the Facebook page of ‘Student Secret Files’, a confession of a pregnant woman was posted. The confession was posted with a title: “Buntis na, Pabigat pa”.

According to the pregnant woman, she had no idea how to start her confession for she has no one to talk to about her problems. She then continued and said that she’s already 4 months pregnant with her first baby. She stated that she finally decided to get pregnant because her live-in partner had been asking her to give her a child.

However, the moment she finally got pregnant, she had no idea that her pregnancy would be that sensitive that she ended up resigning from work since her first trimester was pretty delicate and sensitive.

It was then when her live-in partner ends up being too aggressive to the point that he’s already becoming abusive. Her live-in partner became verbally abusive, telling her that he’s the only one working for their family. Things got even worse when he became physically abusive.

At the end of her post, the pregnant woman asked the netizens for an advise because she has no idea what to do.

Meanwhile, the netizens gave her different advices from their own experiences. There were a few people who told her to just leave her boyfriend if she’s already being too abusive while others thought that maybe her boyfriend has no idea how hard and how painful it is to carry a life inside her womb.

Read the comments from the netizens below:

Source: Facebook

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