Man Found An Odd-looking Stone At The Beach. When He Brought It Home, He Found Out That He Discovered A Fossil Worth Thousands Of Dollars!

We all wanted to explore the world. Most of us love treasure hunting but not everyone’s lucky enough to find something that could change their lives. However, there are also some people who are too lucky to the point that even the stone that they found gave them thousands of dollars! Just like this man named Archi Faiers!

The 21-year-old Archie Faiers though that he could also discover a fossil after watching David Attenborough’s documentary. He then took his dog for a walk at the beach where he found a strange-looking stone nearby Lyme Regis.

He had a feeling that there’s something pretty interesting in the stone that he brought home. It was a 50-kilogram stone and he’s hoping that it would contain a priceless fossil since he found it just meters away from the same location at the Lyme Regis beach where the local professional fossil hunter found the large ichthyosaur (or sea dragon).

He then decided to bring home the stone. Little did he know that it’s going to change his life!

“I knew we were close to the spot where the TV fossil was found,” Archie told the WMN.
“There had been an overnight cliff fall and I spotted a rounded rock on the beach and I knew that these rocks are the ones that could have a fossil inside.”

Archie had won several international awards for his masonry craftsmanship so he decided to carry the stone to his workshop to inspect it.

“When I got back, I started to chip away at the outside off the rock and soon realized that there was an ammonite inside – but I am using my traditional stone mason tools in preparing it. I really need much finer tools, so things are on hold at the moment.”

Surprisingly, the stone contains a 190-million-year-old microderoceras birchi which is the typical ammonites found along the Jurassic Coast.

The creatures were shelled cephalopods that were named by Alpheus Hyatt in 1871.

Archie then opened his workshop where he produces various architectural designs in stone for signs and sculptural pieces for public spaces.

“I’m not a fossil collector,” he commented. “But when I’m on the cliff beaches I just keep my eyes open.”

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