Top 7 Celebrities Who Stayed A Virgin Until Marriage

We all know for a fact that a woman’s purity is considered as the most precious gift that they could ever give to their husband, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to get married if you’re no longer a virgin. Although it has l0ng been part of a tradition, there are still some people who follow it. Just like these celebrities who chose to remain pure and virgin until after marriage.

1. Megan Young
She believes that sex is for marriage and that a man has no right to push himself to a woman who already said no.

“Sex is for marriage. That’s my belief. You say no. If they try to push you, you step away, because that person doesn’t value you, doesn’t value the relationship as much. If the guy is willing to sacrifice that, that means a lot.”

2. Janine Tugonon
For her, marriage is sacred and that staying a virgin should still be practiced because she believes that today, people see it as a ‘normal’ thing to do.

“Wala nang lalaki na ganyan na mag-sa-sacrifice and ‘yung rerespetuhin ka nang gano’n, iyong talagang papanindigan na, ‘This is my stand, this is my principle.’

“For me, marriage is sacred. Ngayon kasi, parang nagiging norm na lang, eh, sa tao na, ‘Come on, let’s do it.’ Pero iba pa rin siguro ‘yung pakiramdam pag ginawa mo siya after [getting married].”

3. Jewel Mische
“When we got together one day, he was like, ‘You know, it would be very hard for me not to kiss you. But I want to wait until we get married, I hope you don’t mind.’

“And I was just shocked!!! I couldn’t believe what I just heard! That’s just one of the many confirmations that he is the future husband I have dreamed of! We both have the same biblical mind set. We view sex as a priceless treasure box and as God’s wedding present.”

“We always believe that sex is for married people. But we messed up also in the past. Now that we have found each other we are willing to pursue what we think is right. Kailangan kasi when you want that, kailangan pareho kayo ng beliefs, ng convictions. We’re helping each other to achieve that.

“We believe that sex is God’s present. We believe that sexual intercourse, or physical and emotional union, should be a means of celebrating love, producing children, protected by the commitment of marriage.”

4. Nikki Gil
This is pretty controversial for her for people believe that she parted ways with Billy Crawford because of her principle in life.

“Nobody told me to stay a virgin, or because I’m a stuck-up prude na holy-holy. It’s my choice. I’ve always been ma-pride. If sex is something I value, [gano’n talaga]!”

5. Yeng Constantino

“There’s no pre-marital sex. Gano’n talaga. No pre-marital sex, iyan ‘yung clear na, ‘No to it.’ Kasi we want to honor marriage. Kasi, ‘diba, ang tagal-tagal kang prineserve ng mga magulang mo, nanay mo, papa mo. Lahat ng paggalit, pananakot para hindi ka lumabas ng bahay, pumarty, pero sa isang iglap, ‘It’s all gone.’

“Kasi naniniwala ako na once mag-move ka na in to physical intimacy sobrang magbabago na ‘yong relationship ‘nyo. It’s another level that you have to save, for me, that’s for me.”

6. Toni Gonzaga
She believes that a person should be greater than his/her lust and that they should show pure and unconditional love before marriage. She also asks everyone to get rid of the condition that a couple should be sexually compatible for them to tie the knot.

“Ako kasi, ang paniniwala ko, at saka kung paano rin ako pinalaki, I think that love should be greater than your lust for each other.
“Naniniwala ako that love should be unconditional. Hindi porke mahal mo ang isang tao, dapat ang kundisyon mo, ‘Dapat sexually compatible tayo.’ I think that love should be the strong foundation of the marriage, and I think that the trust and the commitment that you want to stay together in the marriage.

“Sobra hirap, sobrang hirap panindigan. Honest lang talaga ako. Mahirap talaga panindigan. Hindi naman ako magsasabi ng napakabanal ko.”

7. Iya Villania
She strongly believes that it doesn’t make you less of a person if you’ve had sex before marriage, but also, making a guy wait for you is also an assurance that he loves you.

“I don’t look down upon other girls who practice it. It doesn’t make them less of a person. Kanya-kanya namang values ’yan eh. But, personally, I do believe that one should not practice pre-marital sex.

“Doon ko naman na-confirm na mahal niya talaga ako. He was very patient, yes. I mean, it’s easy now for me to say because we’re married now.”

Source: KAMI

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