Angeline Quinto And Yeng Constantino’s Kulitan Moment Goes Viral Online

Angeline Quinto and Yeng Constantino who are both talented singers in the showbiz industry are undoubtedly two of the closest friends in the local music industry. Apart from being judges of different hosts, Angeline and Yeng somehow get along with everything in their lives.

Recently, the OPM divas Angeline and Yeng went on a trip to Balesin with a few of their friends. Maybe they wanted to let loose, have fun, and relax for a moment before they return to their real world – the showbiz industry.

However, at some point, Angeline Quinto didn’t expect that their Balesin trip would turn out this way! Somehow, instead of having fun, maybe she was traumatized of coming near Yeng again while in the swimming pool!

Apparently, Yeng Constantino tried to drown her when they were in a swimming pool. Angeline Quinto herself even posted the video of their kulitan moment on her Instagram account.

She wrote: “Napaka sweet mo talaga Yenggay. ☺😎 Ibang iba ka mag lambing☺ Gustong gusto ko😯
@yeng 👧🏼☺❤ #Balesin2018

In the viral video, Yeng was seen hugging Angeline Quinto in the pool. After a few moments, Yeng started to playfully drown her! Somehow, Angeline got irritated because she was able to drink water from the pool, but obviously, she understands that everything was just a part of Yeng’s ‘paglalambing’.

There was also another video posted on her Instagram account wherein her goofy side was shown. The video showed Angeline posing for a photo on the railings on the side of the pool. She was heard saying: “Hi everybody” before she slips into the pool, shocked of what had happened.

AS of this writing, the video has already garnered a total of 270 thousand views wherein a lot of people can’t stop laughing by how these OPM artists spend their quality time together!

Yung nakapag Hi everybody ka pa😱😯 #Balesin2018 #ThankyouLordforeverything💕

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