A Woman From Brazil Was Allegedly Buried Alive For 11 Days!

A 37-year-old woman from Brazil who was identified as Rosangela Almeida dos Santos was pronounced dead at the hospital on January 28 due to a septic shock. A funeral was held for her in the town of Riachao das Neves in the northeast of Brazil and was later on buried. However, a few days later, she shocked everyone after she proved that she was mistakenly buried alive!

According to the reports, it has been stated that the people living near where she was buried, heard screams, moans, and banging coming from the burial spot, 11 days after she was buried. The family of the woman who was buried alive reported the same thing and so they got her grave dug.

The footage showed a wooden coffin being lifted from its resting place and was opened.

Her relatives claimed that the moment they dug her up, there was an evidence of a struggle. They found wounds on her hands and forehead and they believe that those wounds weren’t there when they put her to rest.

The relatives of the woman also stated that the nails of the coffin were loosened as if she tried to open it to escape.

Apart from that, the Hottest Online Trends also stated that the relatives of the woman saw a few scratches and blood inside the coffin. Plus, when they uncovered the body, it was still warm.

Natalina Silva, one of the residents near the area, also stated that she, too, heard moans and screams from the grave.

She had said, “When I got there right in front of the tomb, I heard banging from inside it. I thought the kids who play around the cemetery were playing a joke on me. Then I heard her groan twice, and after those two groans, she stopped.”

And another one reportedly said, ‘There were more than 500 people who came here and packed the cemetery, everybody went to see, lots of people touched her foot and everybody saw that she was still warm. She wasn’t cold.’

The incident left everyone in shock and after realizing that the lady was buried alive, they accused the doctors of doing something wrong to their patient.

The authorities then investigated the incident. However, initial findings stated that the information that led them to dig up the tomb may be nothing but rumors and they may be accused of the crime of violating a dead buried under a grave.

Source: HottestOnlineTrends

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