This Woman Earned Big Time After She Asked Her 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her An iPhone7!

A Chinese woman who was identified as Xiao Li has recently become one of the centers of talks online after her controversial story was posted. The controversial story does not only include her and her 20 boyfriends but also the iPhone7 that she asked from each of her 20 boyfriends.

According to the reports, Xiao Li earned no less than 120,000 yuan after she sold all the iPhone7 that her 20 boyfriends have given her and surprisingly, she used the money to buy a new house for herself.

AS stated by the Chismix, her story was written under the name of Ao Jiao De Qiao Ba and later on noticed by the media.

Ao Jiao De Qiao Ba stated that Xiao Li wished for an iPhone7 from each of her 20 boyfriends that she dated simultaneously. Back then, the phone was still expensive since it was just recently released then.

By that time, an iPhone7 ranges from5,338 yuan to 6,988 yuan depending on the distributor. That being said, Xiao Li who sold 20 units to a resale platform paid her 120,000 for the iPhones. The site even confirmed that the woman indeed sold 20 brand new iPhones to them.

The woman has sold each of the models for more than 6,000 yuan and used the money for the down payment of her new house. Since she’s the eldest child, she felt pressured to grant her parents’ wish was to have their own home.

Unfortunately, after Xiao Li’s story became widespread online, she got fired from her job. Netizens have various reactions on what she did, wherein some people praised her for her impressive trick while others slammed her.

Meanwhile, Xiao Li refused to give a statement towards the incident and simply stated that her life was greatly affected by the issue and that she doesn’t want to garner more attention.

Source: Chismix

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