Lesbian Couple Who Both Got Pregnant Still Accepted Each Other Despite Everything

If you found out that your former was impregnated by another man, will you still accept her back in your arms? Well, this lesbian couple did! Despite all the issues, they accepted each other after they both got pregnant when they parted ways.

A lesbian couple has recently captured the attention of the netizens online after an edited video of them was posted on the Facebook page of ‘PD29 Relationship Goals’. Since then, the video went viral, inspiring other lesbian couples out there.

According to the reports, the unnamed couple parted ways. When they went on their own, both of them got into a mess and got pregnant. The man who got them pregnant refused to take responsibility for what had happened, leaving them and their unborn children behind.

Knowing that their children might grow up without a father, fate brought them back together and surprisingly, they still accepted each other despite all the issues behind. They accepted each other, proving that they really love each other.

Both of them were devastated when they got pregnant but because they have each other, they remained strong and chose to continue with their lives.

They forgave each other and accepted all of their flaws. Plus, they chose not to let each other down so this lesbian couple decided to face the consequences together.

Today, this lesbian couple are already mothers to their own children but love is still visible in their eyes. The couple claims that they will use their babies as an inspiration to make their relationship stronger.

As of this writing, the viral couple has already been viewed more than 2.9 million times on Facebook and the netizens can’t help but praise the couple for bravely facing the challenges that came their way.

Eto na po ang hinihintay nyong reason kung bakit hindi na po kami naging updated sa page ☺☺☺#blessed#thankful#PD29 <3

Posted by PD29 Relationship Goal on Saturday, January 28, 2017

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