Woman Praised Uber For Giving The PWDs The Opportunity To Make A Living

Let us all face the fact that in the world we’re living in today, it’s pretty hard to live if you are a PWD or a person with a disability. Most people tend to see them as worthless because they are disabled. What they all didn’t know is that these PWDs only need a chance to prove themselves, just like this Uber driver named Jose Hubilla who proved that even those people with disability could make a living!

A Facebook user named Sofia del Rosario took to social media to share her Uber experience.

She started her post with the words: “I got slightly irritated when i got in my uber ride today.”

She claims that she was irritated the moment her Uber driver ignored her when she greeted him a good afternoon. She instantly thought that her driver was a snub and a grumpy man.

Del Rosario chose to shrug it off and just keep herself busy with her smartphone when she accidentally opened the Uber application and saw something that shocked her.

“I was fiddling with my phone during the trip.
I randomly opened the uber app and i saw this… 😪”

She found out that the reason why her driver didn’t respond to her greetings is that he is deaf. On her application, she read a note that reads: “Your driver is deaf or hard of hearing.”

With what she read, her heart instantly melted, thinking that this PWD didn’t give up in life and instead, he chose to make a living.

At the end of her post, he praised Uber for giving a PWD a chance of making a living for himself and for his family.

“i salute you for giving PWDs an opportunity to make a living whereas other companies would take it as a deterrent to a person’s capability to work. This really made me happy today.”

This just goes to show that we should never degrade someone just because of his disability. Instead of pulling them down, why not help in lifting their spirits up? Cheer them up!

Source: Facebook

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