Woman Shares The Heartbreaking Story Of How She Was Fooled By A Pilot Of The Philippine Air Force

These days, more and more people are suffering from heartaches just because their partner cheated on them. The worst part is the fact that their other half has been cheating on them ever since their relationship had started. This is exactly what this woman had experienced at the hands of a pilot of the Philippine Air Force whom she thought, had loved her.

A female netizen has recently bravely shared how she was cheated on and was fooled by a pilot of the Philippine Air Force for more than a year.

Their relationship started pretty normally. Although they didn’t go through the courtship stage, the woman still chose to take a risk, and also, despite that she knows that they would end up being in a long distance relationship, she still gave it a go. It was already too late when she realized that she made the biggest mistake of her life.

When they became a couple, everything was going smooth. Until she accidentally read a text message on her pilot boyfriend’s phone that gave him the gut feeling that something fishy’s going on between her boyfriend and the woman who sent her a text message. She confronted him but he simply told her that it was her foster sister.

She chose to shrug it off although she still had the gut feeling that something’s wrong.

Instead of giving up, she gave him another chance. She wanted to make things work for them so she chose to travel from the province to her boyfriend’s location just so they could spend time together. Until one day, she had to rush her boyfriend to the hospital. He was weak and she knew that he was close to dying.

She took care of her boyfriend because she knew that he needed someone to take care of him. Little did she know that while she’s taking care of him, he’s busy taking care of another woman.

She was devastated so she decided to part ways with her boyfriend. But then, she was surprised when he got mad. He got mad because she had already decided to dump him.

The worst has come. The woman found out from the ‘foster sister’ that ever since their relationship started, her pilot boyfriend had already been cheating on her.

At the end of her post, she put a disclaiming, saying that she has nothing against AFP and PAF.

She also left an advice for all the women out there. She wrote: “ADVICE TO ALL WOMEN: TRUST YOUR GUT. IT IS ALWAYS RIGHT!”

Source: Facebook

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