Netizen Was Surprised To Find A Baby Duck Inside The Balut She Bought In The Market

A balut is a popular food in the Philippines. It is a fertilized bird egg (duck) which is a common exotic street food in the Philippines. It is incubated for a period of 14 to 21 days depending on the local culture and have them boiled or steamed.

But then, how do you think you’d react once you saw a live duck inside your exotic street food? Well, this netizen found something surprising in her balut!

A female netizen recently took to social media to share what she had found inside the balut that her mother had bought in the market. According to her viral post, she was unaware that it was uncooked but after she cracked it open, she heard a distinct chirping sounds inside the balut.

At first, she thought that her mom might have bought some chicks and brought it home. However, when she looked closely at her balut, she realized that the sound was coming from the eggshell.

Due to her curiosity and interest, she peeled the sell even more and there she saw a baby duck trying to get out of the shell. The girl was nervous because she had no idea about how ducks grow and how it should be taken care of. When the little duck was finally out of the shell, she felt relieved that it was alive. Thank God she didn’t take a bite of it!

She had no idea how to take care of it and so she decided to ask her mom to take care of it. Her mom advised her to incubate the baby with a light bulb.

While the duck that she found inside the balut was under the heat of the light, she was praying for it to survive. Later on, she felt proud of herself that she decided to call herself a ‘doctor bibe’ for she was able to raise the duck well!

She did a great job in taking care of the duck that she ended up congratulating herself!

What do you think of this story? Do you agree that she did a great job in raising the duck? Share us your thoughts!

Source: TheReadersFile

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