Viral Video Showed How A School Girl Was Bullied And Slapped By Her Schoolmates

A lot of people tend to disregard the issue of bullying. People tend to think that it’s nothing but a minor problem in the society. What people didn’t know is the fact that sometimes those people who get bullied on a daily basis are already thinking of ending their lives just so they could stop themselves from feeling the pain. This is exactly what this school girl had experienced at the hands of her schoolmates. Viral video showed how she was bullied and slapped inside their school!

A viral video showed how a 14-year-old girl was bullied and was slapped by a few girls in their school. The viral video caused an outrage online, leaving everyone seeking justice for the schoolgirl who was bullied.

According to the reports, the video was taken at the Our Lady of Sacred Heart School in Lucena.

The video started with the bully repeatedly screaming the girl’s name while the poor schoolgirl was just sitting in what seems like a nipa hut inside the school premises. After a few moments, the bullies started cursing at her. The worst part is when they started slapping the poor school girl for now apparent reason.

The OFW mom of the student in the video was furious after seeing the viral video. Apparently, she had no idea that her daughter had been bullied in the school.

She wrote: “Hinding hindi aq papayag na SORRY lng matatanggap ng anak q na kpalit ng ginawa nila kahit saan tau mgdating ilalaban q ang ginawa jio sa anak q!!! KAYA NANANAWAGAN AQ SA PAMUNUAN NG SACRED HEART COLLEGE LUCENA PAKI AKSYUNAN NIO ANG PAMBUBULLY SA ANAK KO PARA HINDI NA MAULIT PA SA IBA”

The netizens were furious and so they started calling the attention of the school to seek answers regarding the incident.

Stop BullyingAnong school to? Kawawa naman yung bata, sana mareport kaagad to sa principal. (c) Sofia Jane Dator

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