The Truth Behind The Rumors That Ryan Agoncillo And Judy Ann Santos’ Marriage Is Falling Apart

Somehow, people have been addicted to following updates about celebrity relationships and marriages. Although their relationships are no longer our concern, we still end up seeking for updates since we often think that celebrity marriages are like fairy tales. But are they really fairytale-like stories? Take Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo’s story for example

There had already been a lot of failed marriages in the entertainment industry, and people believe that they can no longer bear another heartbreak in the industry.

Recently, there were rumors claiming that Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos will soon part ways since their marriage is currently on the rocks. However, through their social media posts, it appears that those were nothing but rumors.

In fact, people see Ryan and Juday’s relationship as the best example of a typical marriage because they know how to handle situations and they never fail to show affection towards each other.

In fact, Juday once said: “Ang pera ko, pera ko; ang pera niya, pera ko pa rin! – Judy Ann Santos Agoncillo

Also, in an exclusive interview, Judy Ann Santos talked about how lucky she is to have Ryan Agoncillo as her husband.

“Hindi naman niya kailangan sabihin as akin araw-araw na he loves me, but he would always do,” she said when asked about whether at one point she doubted Agoncillo’s loyalty to her.

“He does it anyway and I love it . . . I think it’s really important.”

And also, back in 2016, Judy Ann and Ryan have renewed their wedding vows in a beach wedding in a resort in Batangas.

Although a lot of people have already been claiming that Juday and Ryan’s marriage are falling apart, we should still see the obvious that they wouldn’t let such thing happen because of their powerful love for their children.

Source: ABS-CBN | HottestOnlineTrends

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