Passenger Found A Lost Phone Inside A Jeepney. Later On, She Discovers Something That Shocked Her!

What do you think you’d do when you found a lost phone inside a public vehicle? Most people would definitely say that they would try their best to return it, but of course, there were also some who would first check out the messages in the phone to see if they could find something that could lead them to the owner. But then, will you still return the lost phone to the owner if you found out that its contact list consists of only 12 names that range from Babe 1-12?

A Facebook user named Christine Guaves who had shared her unbelievable experience of finding a lost phone inside the jeepney. She had no idea that she would uncover a man’s secret when she tried to check on the lost phone.

According to her viral post, she was on her way home when she realized that there was a lost phone left on the seat. At first, the phone looked suspicious but still, after a few minutes, she decided to pick it up and check if she could find something that could lead her to the owner.

She was waiting for someone to call the number since she wanted to return it, but no one called.

She then decided to check on the phone’s contact list to contact a relative. She found nothing, but she discovered something even more interesting.

She checked the settings of the phone and changed it to ‘view sim storage’ mode, unleashing the man’s deepest secrets.

Guaves was pretty surprised when she found out that the mobile phone contains contact names from Babe 1 up to Babe 12! She was in disbelief with what she saw and so she decided to post it on social media.

At the end of the post she wrote: “Natawa talaga ako, saludo ako sa mayari neto. Malinis ang trabaho at ang galing ng galawan! Mabuhay! #Hokage”

Source: ManilaReaders

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