This House Looked Small And Narrow, Once You Get Inside, You’ll Definitely Be Amazed By How Wide It Turns Out To Be

From the very beginning, we believed that the bigger, the better, thinking that everything would look better when it’s bigger right? And if you were to choose between big and small, you wouldn’t dare choose the small one, right? But in this case, after seeing this house, you might end up thinking twice about choosing the big one.

This house that exists somewhere in Japan was somehow designed by the architects to change the beliefs about the ‘small’ ones.

The Mizuishi Architects Ateller has previously made headlines after they designed a home that would look narrow on the outside but would definitely leave you in awe once you’re already inside.

This house is far from the typical homes. This 594 square foot house has a triangular shaped site that is located between a road and a river, making it pretty hard to expand its site.

With just one look, you can instantly say that it’s too narrow and that the house contains no furniture. However, it’s time to tell yourself not to judge a book by its cover for this could blow your mind!

Who would have thought that the triangular shaped site of this house would lead to something spectacular?

The designer did a great job in maximizing all the spaces, considering the weird shape of the site. It is complete with a fully-furnished living room, a master’s bedroom, a bathroom with a bathtub, a wide-spaced kitchen and even a playroom for children!

If this doesn’t blow you away, then I have no idea what will!

Source: ManilaReaders

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