Man Wrote A Farewell Letter To His Late Girlfriend That Brought The Netizens In Tears

We can’t deny the fact that no words can describe how painful it is to lose a loved one, especially when that loved one meant so much to you. Someday, you will find yourself ready to love again but of course, it would take so much time before you moved on from losing a loved one. Just like what this man had experienced when his girlfriend passed away. Instead of letting loneliness and sadness consume him, he chose to write his late girlfriend a farewell letter.

A man named Danbar Ardales has recently brought the netizens in tears after he wrote his late girlfriend a heartbreaking farewell letter on Facebook.

Danbar Ardales was devastated when he lost his girlfriend, not because they parted ways, but because she passed away.

According to the reports and comments of their close friends, Haidee, Danbar’s girlfriend fell off a double-decker bed that put her in a coma. Since then, she never woke up until she passed away.

Just like any loving boyfriend, Ardales was devastated when his girlfriend passed away, claiming that he had no idea how to start living again.

“Hindi ko alam kung pano ko sisimulan at pano ko sasabihin. Di ko maipaliwanag yung sakit na nararamdaman ko. Pero alam ko namang kasama mo na si Lord.” [I don’t know where to start and how to say it. I can’t explain the pain I’m feeling right now. But I know that you are now with the Lord.]

Although he was devastated by what had happened, he still ended his post with a positive vibe saying that someday, they will meet again and that she will forever stay in his heat.

“See you again mahal! Magkikita pa ulet tayo! I love you so much! Mahal na mahaaaaaaaaaaaal kita! You will always be in my heart forever.”

[See you again, love! We will see each other again! I love you so much! You will always be in my heart forever.]

As of this writing, Ardales’ farewell letter to his late girlfriend had already garnered a total of 57k reactions and more than 28k shares from the netizens.

Meanwhile, the netizens cheered him up, telling him that he should stay strong for Haidee.

Source: Facebook | Viral4Real

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