Ukrainian Woman Lived With The Mummified Body Of Her Mom For More Than 30 Years!

The authorities have just discovered that a woman had been living with the mummified body of her mother in a small apartment in Ukraine.

According to the reports, the authorities believe that the 77-year-old woman had been hiding the remains of her deceased mother for more than 30 years inside a flat with lots of garbage including a stack of newspaper.

The authorities found the mummified body of the mother lying on a sofa next to a couple of religious iconographies. Further reports stated that they rushed to the apartment the moment they were called to the address in the city of Mykolaiv by concerned citizens.

The mummified body was seen wearing a white dress paired with a head cover, blue shoes, and green socks.

Her daughter who’s now an elderly woman was found alive but paralyzed.

She was found lying on the floor, in desperate need of assistance.

No water, gas, or even electricity supply were visible in the apartment, making it pretty impossible for them to survive.

A police report said: “In order to rescue the 77-year-old woman, officers called the rescue service which helped to break into the flat.

“In one room on the floor was sitting a woman surrounded by rubbish.

“The pensioner could not walk and needed urgent help. An ambulance was called for her.

“Having checked other rooms, police found a mummified body of a woman.”

The report went on: “The woman pensioner lived alone, and did not communicate with her neighbours. She never opened her front door.

“Despite this, neighbours tried to take care of her and left food for her on the doorstep.

“Nobody guessed that the woman was living with a dead body of her mother.

“Now the mummified body was removed from the flat and sent to forensic experts.

“The pensioner is now in hospital.”

After the mummified body was discovered, the authorities will be opening a criminal investigation into the incident.

Source: Dailymail

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