An Alleged Headless Man Was Caught On Cam Crossing The Street

The netizens were horrified and creeped out after seeing the viral video of an alleged headless man crossing the street. The video has instantly left everyone in shock

Will you believe it if I tell you that a footage of an alleged headless man is currently circulating online? Well, it may sound insane but it’s true! The netizens are going crazy after seeing the viral video!

The viral video that was posted on Facebook has instantly left everyone in total shock! I mean, who wouldn’t, right? If I were to see a headless man crossing the street, I would definitely run for my life!

According to the viral post, the man who was filming had noticed a headless man crossing the street. It was unclear where exactly the photos were taken, but one thing’s for sure, everyone was horrified by the sight of a headless man.

In the viral video, a man who was trying to cross a busy street was spotted headless. Yes, a headless man was seen crossing the street!

The screenshot of the man in the video clearly showed that he has no head.

According to the Philippine folklore and beliefs, once you see a man with no head, you better tap his shoulder or at least inform him or her about what you saw because the Filipino people believe that it is a sign of a tragedy and informing them about what you saw could change everything.

However, the one who filmed this probably didn’t know about the beliefs in the Philippines and so he ended up just filming the man.

This isn’t the first time that a headless man was filmed. In fact, a year ago, the netizens were shocked after a photo of a headless doctor went viral online.

While a lot of people were horrified by the viral video, there were also some who were confused and simply stated that maybe, the man was bowing his head when he was filmed.

What do you think of this story? Do you think that he’s really headless or is he just bowing his head down? Share us your thoughts!

Source: PHTrending

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