Bride Runs After Her Groom Who Called Off Their Wedding Minutes Before They Said ‘I Do’

Tying the knot with the love of your life is every woman’s dream. May it be a grandiose or a simple wedding, women will accept it for all they wanted to do is to marry the person that they wanted to spend the rest of their life with. However, the thing is, there are some women out there whose worlds are shattering into million pieces after their groom dumped them on the day of their wedding.

This is exactly what had happened to this poor bride.

About five months ago, the Facebook page of had posted a video that’s no more than 30 seconds. In the viral video that was taken a few meters from the scene, a woman who was still wearing her wedding gown was seen crying while searching for her groom.

According to the reports, the bride went out of the church after her groom called off their wedding just a few minutes before they exchanged their I dos and their vows!

The caption of the video reads: “Video of the bride running after her groom after he called off their wedding, just few minutes before saying “I DO”..”

As or turns out, the devastated bride used her remaining strength to run after her groom who dumped her on their wedding day.

The 26-second video has already been viewed more than 56k times. Meanwhile, there were also a few netizens who can’t help but asked why people are still waiting for the wedding day to come before dumping their partner.

As of this writing, none of us knows what really happened on their wedding. All that we know is that the bride ran after her groom but we don’t have any idea what problem they have encountered or what made the groom dump her on their wedding day. The best thing that we can do for now is to pray and wish for this woman’s happiness.

Video of the bride running after her groom, after he called off their wedding, just few minutes before saying "I DO"…

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Source: Facebook

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