A Fast-food Crew Was Spotted Spoon-feeding A Tired Old Man. This Will Definitely Melt Your Heart


Let’s face the fact that we’re all fighting our own battles and sometimes, we just get too tired to the point that we can no longer take it. The good thing is that there are still some people who are kind and caring enough to take care of you. Just like this service crew in Jollibee who spoon-fed a customer who’s tired and had no strength to feed himself.

A Facebook user named Princess Fumar Nobleza shared the heart-touching moment that she had witnessed inside a fast-food chain.

According to her, she witnessed the moment when an old man who appeared weary and can no longer carry his huge backpack, was assisted by a service crew. The service crew assisted him in putting the money back in his bag.

The story didn’t end there for when the crew noticed that the customer was already having a hard time feeding himself, he helped him bring the food to the table and spoon-fed him.

Let’s face it that all the service crews are too busy with all the things that they’d have to do in the store, but this young man knew that someone needs his help and so he didn’t hesitate to feed the old and tired man. Obviously, he did more than what he’s being asked for.

Nobleza was touched by the actions done by the service crew but she also pitied the old man. After all, he was still lucky because he encountered a kind and patient service crew who’s willing to assist him until he’s done.

Apart from talking about the touching moment, Nobleza also called out for the family of the man, telling them to make sure that the man would no longer travel alone with big bags because obviously, he’s having a hard time carrying it.

Source: Rachfeed

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