Pregnant Woman Slams Her Cheating Boyfriend Who Chose Another Woman Over His Child And Future Wife

These days, more and more young women are getting pregnant. What makes it even worse is the fact that they are becoming single moms just because their boyfriends who got them pregnant told them that he’s not ready yet for such responsibilities. Somehow, this is what this pregnant woman had experienced at the hands of her cheating boyfriend.

A certain Facebook user has recently vent out her anger and frustrations over her cheating boyfriend who dumped her and their unborn child just so he could be with another woman.

According to the viral post of the pregnant woman, when she first told her boyfriend about her pregnancy, he was confused, yet he felt glad because finally, they are sure that they will end up together. In the first few months, the pregnant woman felt how happy her boyfriend is because they’d soon have their own family.

However, after a couple of months, she realized that slowly, they’re drifting apart. Instead of getting stronger and building a strong foundation for their family, they ended up parting ways when the pregnant woman learned that her boyfriend has been cheating on her.

As stated by the pregnant woman, the worst thing that she had experienced is when the man questioned her pregnancy, telling her that maybe it was her ex-boyfriend who got her pregnant.

She was in pain, literally in great pain yet she chose not to stress herself because she knows that it would be bad for her unborn child.

But then, after a few days, weeks, and months, she received a couple of messages on Facebook telling her about the woman that her boyfriend has been hanging out with.

What hurts her the most is the fact that all the years that they spent together, including their unborn child, were all forgotten just because of another woman that he met.

At the end of her post, she gave every woman an advice, telling them that they should not give everything to a man just because they love them.

“kaya kayo girls wag nyong ibibigay lahat, hinay hinay lang para di kayo mapares sakin. To all the single mother out there mabuhay kayo saludo ako sainyong lahat❤”

Source: Facebook

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