Erwan Heussaff Goes On A Water Fasting Challenge: No Food For Seven Days

The Heussaff siblings, Erwann Heussaff and Solenn Heussaff became the center of talks online after they took the seven-day water fasting challenge

On his YouTube channel, the 31-year-old vlogger Erwan Heussaff and his 32-year-old sister Solenn revealed that they decided to do the week-long water fasting challenge because they have tried many detoxes in the past and now they wanted to try something intense.

Erwan also shared that he had been traveling for his vlog, drinking and eating a lot, and he felt sluggish and so he decided that it’s time for him to reset everything.

According to the reports, when Erwan was a teenager, he weighed 240 pounds and his weight loss journey had inspired him to create a YouTube channel. Currently, he’s running a successful food and lifestyle website ‘The Fat Kid Inside’.

“It’s the simplest thing ever,’ Erwan told the camera. ‘You just drink water, no supplements or tea or anything. There are people who’ve done 100-day water fasts, 50-day water fasts, 30-day water.

‘”So your body can survive without food. Will it be at its optimum and most efficient state? Probably not. That’s why I really like doing short-term fasts as they’re really beneficial for your body.”

He also added that for a week, he would not consume any calories until he ended up burning 14,000 calories.

“People say your stomach is basically like the second brain. If something’s wrong with it, you can really feel it throughout your whole body,’ he detailed.

“It can affect your mood, your energy levels, your hormones, so it’s really important to have a clean and very healthy active colon and stomach.”

Since he had been conducting a lot of research for his health, Erwan found a medical paper claiming that water fasting is beneficial to the digestive system.

He also added that his body would naturally go into a state of ketosis and burn fat.

When their detox began, they weighed themselves. Solenn was 58 kilograms while Erwan was 76 kilograms.

When asked about how she was going to approach the week of detoxing, Solenn said: “I’ll have to keep myself occupied. I’m pretty sure I might get cranky on the fourth day but I think after three or four days I’m going to see a very big difference when it comes to clothing and love handles.”

It was hard, but Erwan and Solenn chose to do it to see how it would change their body. By the 7th day, Erwan admitted that all he could think of his food and was told that he was so excited to eat.

“I’ve realized that I’ve become obsessed with food and all I do is check my Instagram feed, check my Facebook. I was watching Vikings yesterday and they were cooking grilled chicken on the fire and that looked so good, so all I think about now is food so it’s a balance between mental cravings and physical hunger”

At the end of the water-fasting challenge, Erwan lost 13 pounds or six kilograms while Solenn lost three kilograms or seven pounds.

Source: DailyMail 

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