Get To Know The Celebrities Who Chose To Live A Simple Life Off Cam

Celebrities are considered as one of the highest-paid people in the country. That being said, it is expected for them to live a luxurious life. Yes, they may have a luxurious life packed with cars, maids, fancy dinner set, but trust me when I say that these celebrities would still choose their simple life over the luxurious one!

Still in disbelief? Check out the list of celebrities who are living a simple life off cam:

1. Manny Pacquiao
He sure has a lot of mansions, but the People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao is often spotted eating his favorite tuyo and rice with his bare hands.

2. Wally Bayola
One of the most popular comedians of today was seen doing the household chores. Not just that, he’s also known for being the best father who’s willing to do anything and everything for his daughter who has a rare case of leukemia.

3. Kris Aquino
When she arrived home from her vacation in Hawaii, she asked all her maids to take their own vacation, leaving her with dishes that she chose to wash.

4. Neri Naig
She’s the wife of one of the most popular OPM artists in the Philippines, Chito Miranda, and yet she still chose to live a simple life. She even does gardening in their home!

5. Tuesday Vargas
Apart from being a celebrity, Tuesday is also an event planner. Instead of asking her helpers to go flower shopping, she does it all by herself.

6. Iya Villania
She’s one of the most-sought-after celebrities and VJ in the industry and yet she’s living a simple life with her own family. She’s even spotted fixing her husband, Drew Arellano’s things.

7. Solenn Heussaff
She refused to go out and eat in some sort of a fancy restaurant. Instead, Solenn and her brother, Erwan would just cook dinner.

8. Lovi Poe
Lovi doesn’t ask anyone to go grocery shopping for her. She does shopping all by herself and she sort of enjoys it!

9. Michael V and Jake Vargas
Two of the most popular celebrities in the industry were spotted taking the LRT with strangers!



10. Danica Sotto
Although she’s the daughter of THE VIC SOTTO, Danica still chose to let her own family live a simpler life.

11. Jennylyn Mercado
Instead of jogging on private properties, Jennylyn goes to UP Diliman to jog and to hang out with others.

12. Gardo Versoza
This legend loves cooking pancsit. But take note, he’s not just cooking for his family, but also for charities.

13. Glaiza de Castro
Glaiza normally spends her free time visiting her favorite siomai street food stall!

14. Kim Domingo
One of the sexiest artists of today still prefers eating sisig with her bare hands instead of going into a fancy restaurant.

15. Coco Martin
In his province, he has his own favorite place wherein he has a lot of vegetables in their garden.

“Napakasarap mabuhay ng simple,” Coco said

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