Thai Man Enjoys Living A Happy Marriage With His Two Wives!

We can’t deny the fact that these days, it’s already hard to maintain a happy marriage with a single wife, what more if you have two wives right? There’s this Thai man who has recently become the center of talks online after he revealed that he has two wives!

At the age of 42, Thai man named Manop Nuttayothin was put under the spotlight after it was revealed that he’s been living a unique family set-up.

Apparently, the Thai man has two wives. His second wife, the 32-year-old Warissara Poksrichan helped make their family a trending topic online especially after she posted a photo of the three of them taken on Valentine’s day. She wanted to pay tribute to her husband and the other woman of her husband whom she considers as her best friend!

“People are bragging about their husbands on Facebook. Well, my husband happens to have two wives! It’s been years and I’ve never changed my mind with you. The only thing that has changed is the size of our b**bs, 600cc, and 450cc. You love them.”

Soon, the Thai man married the 26-year-old Nattaya Tongpan. It was, later on, revealed that he originally had three women in his life but unfortunately, his third wife passed away. Each woman that he married gave him three beautiful children.

The Thai man’s two wives then revealed that despite they are giving a salary for helping him in his car parts business, Manop still gives mostly 100% to his children. “For the kids, he gives them 100 percent. For the wives, if we ask him for THB1,000, he’ll only give us THB200.”

“For the kids, he gives them 100 percent. For the wives, if we ask him for THB1,000, he’ll only give us THB200.”

Ever wondered how he achieved a happy marriage with his two wives? Manop claims that whenever conflict arises, he would talk to both of his wives on that same day.

“Sometimes it happens. I’ll overlook something and realize that I treated one wife better than the other. When I understand that’s a problem, I make sure I treat the two of them equally. We do the same things. We do everything at the same time. It’s the best.”

Meanwhile, his wife Warissara expressed her gratefulness for she has a good husband.

“It’s all about understanding. We love each other. We care about each other. Because of that, we’re happy. I really believe so.”

Source: PhilippinesTrends

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