Kathryn Bernardo Look-A-Like Captures Everyone’s Attention

A 17-year-old girl named Patricia Letran has recently captured the attention of the netizens after they noticed her uncanny resemblances to Kathryn Bernardo.

It was on February 24 when Patricia Letran changed her display photo on Facebook. Right there and then, people have noticed that she really looks like the teen queen Kathryn Bernardo.

Surprisingly, her photo gained a total of 62k reactions, 21.1k shares, and thousands of comments from the netizens who complimented her beauty.

There were a few netizens who even tagged their Facebook friends, especially the fans of Kathryn Bernardo just so they could tell them that this fine lady right her looks exactly like Kathryn Bernardo.

According to her bio on Facebook, she’s a good student for both her eyebrows and her grades are on fleek!

Not just that, a quick stroll on her Instagram account with the handle @patricialtrn, you can clearly see that she loves to explore.

Her bio reads: “🙅 seventeen 🌈chasing dreams 📖 PUPian, UBAS 💯 Future Educator”

She’s a student from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and she’s studying really hard just so she could be one of the best educators in the country someday.

Also, her Instagram account is filled with photos and stories that showed how stunning she really is. She definitely has the ‘feed goals’ that everyone’s been wishing to achieve!

Ever since her photos were posted online, Patricia gained too much attention wherein the netizens kept on asking her to accept their friend request.

As per Patricia, the look-a-like of Kathryn Bernardo, she’s grateful for the online fame that she’s been receiving because of her beauty. She keeps on thanking everyone for noticing her resemblances with Kathryn.

Source: Facebook | Instagram

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